The Age of Lost Innocence
The Age of Lost Innocence
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Loreena McKennitt   -   Kecharitomene
Lindsey Stirling   -   Crystallize
Enya   -   Storms in Africa
Sarah McLachlan   -   Out of the Shadows
Tori Amos   -   Crucify
Mediaeval Baebes   -   Undrentide
Obscuris Orbis   -   Kost Ar C'hoat
Andy McKee   -   Gates of Gnomeria
Andrea Bocelli and Dulce Pontes   -   O Mare E Tu
Djelem   -   Codru
Nine Inch Nails   -   La Mer
Coldplay   -   Lost
A Perfect Circle   -   3 Libras
Tool   -   Ticks & Leeches
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