The Age of Lost Innocence
The Age of Lost Innocence
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Mihylan of Knightenvow
Age: 26
Kingdom: Valoria
Skills: Double Edged Sword, White Magic
Interests: Violinist, Mariner
Background: Mihylan joins Kiaran, Liviu and Elder Emeral on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land to figure out his purpose and whether he should leave a certain relationship to his past. Five years later, Mihylan is sent to Sachapuya on a quest to protect the Maiden with the help of his newfound interest, Satya, and a whole new cast of characters.
Liviu of Roznovia
Age: 26
Kingdom: Valoria
Skills: Short Swords
Interests: Painting, Theology
Background: Liviu befriends and secretly elopes with Allessandra of Ariescelle who is betrothed to the villainous Valorian Commander, Lord Nico Donyan. However, when Nico takes what is rightfully his, Liviu is forced on a dangerous quest to seek out the Leader of the Imagians, hoping they will help him exact his revenge on the very man who had taken his 'Passionate Will'.
Kiaran of Louthlaughn
Age: 27
Kingdom: Valoria
Skills: Battle Axe, Trash Talking
Interests: Carpenter, Aficionado of Beer
Background: Kiaran travels to the Holy Land where he is trained by Cheveyo to become a Spirit Warrior while odling over his cousin, Aiyana. However, still traumatized by what had befallen him in Theoria, Kiaran remains hesitant to join Damyen on his quest to Sachapuya to protect Aiyana, the Maiden, from the coming wrath of Nico Donyan and the Strigoli.
Princess, Allessandra of Ariescelle
Age: 24
Kingdom: Valoria
Skills: Diplomacy
Interests: Traveling, People Watching
Background: Allessandra was betrothed to Lord Commander, Nico Donyan, soon after she had met her 'Passionate Will' -- Liviu of Roznovia. It is through her love for Liviu that her life is made sacrificed. Now, trapped within the Spiritual Plains, Allessandra works mercilessly to protect her friends from beyond the mortal world in a bid to defend humanity against Raul the Divine.
Elder Emeral of Lesbeh
Age: 62
Kingdom: Valoria
Skills: Advisor to the Emperor
Interests: Theologian, Spiritual Father
Background: Elder Emeral has been tasked by Emperor Claudias to assist him in interpreting a vision that prophesizes true spiritual enlightenment for mankind. Emeral is concerned that Claudias may have been deceived but his mission to help the emperor is not without consequence. Commander, Nico Donyan sees Emeral's voice of reason as a threat to his rise to power.
Commander, Nico Donyan of Avaranche
Age: 34
Kingdom: Valoria
Skills: Commander of the Valorian Army and Advisor to the Thone
Interests: War, Women and Power
Background: Nico Donyan is advisor to Emperor Claudias and Commander of the Valorian Army. He sees Emeral's voice of reason as a threat to his agenda, so he uses Allessandra and Liviu's relationship to create division between Emeral and the emperor. But when Nico's plot to remove Emeral is in peril, he is confronted by someone who can make his desires a reality, only if he accepts a new creed.
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